What is the CSIA?

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Launched at the World Bank Paris headquarters on 22 March 2010, CSIA is an international federation of professional bodies which promotes best practices in corporate governance, compliance and secretarial advisory services. It is recognised by the OECD as the global voice of corporate secretaries and governance professionals and its representatives sit on the OECD corporate governance roundtables.

CSIA is also actively engaged in developing educational materials to train corporate secretaries in developing countries. Working together, CSIA represents approximately 100,000

corporate secretaries and governance professionals in more than 80 countries. 

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Who are the Members of the CSIA?

Membership currently consists of 16 national representative organisations and continues to grow rapidly. All CSIA members share a common interest in the promotion of good governance practices and enhancing
the profile of the professionals
that underpin its practice who serve as corporate secretaries and
other governance professionals.    
Membership span of the CSIA
  • 100,000 governance professionals
  • In over 80 countries
  • From 16 country members
  • Across 5 continents
  • And still growing...

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The CSIA Toolkit Launch was held in Hong Kong on the 16th of April 2014.

Responding to strong demand in emerging markets and developing countries for training for corporate secretaries, CSIA partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to develop training materials for corporate secretaries, based on the Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources. This publication has been called The Corporate Secretary’s Toolkit (CS Toolkit).

Toolkit Launch Programme
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Thank you to all our Toolkit launch sponsors who made the Toolkit and event a great success!



CSIA was formed to help member organisations better serve their members and their community’s governance needs Launched. Visit the About Us page


"To be the Global Voice of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals."


To enhance recognition and visibility of the corporate secretarial profession by the business world, regulators, governments and international non-governmental organisations such as the WTO, UN, ILO, OECD, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, EU and similar organisations. Visit CSIA Mission/purpose page

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